Faculty Practice Nurse-Midwifery & Primary Care for Women

Welcome! The Vanderbilt School of Nursing Faculty Practice Nurse-Midwives & Primary Care practitioners are health care providers offering services to women of all ages and through all phases of life.

Our nurse-midwives and primary care nurse practitioners are advanced practice registered nurses with graduate-level education and training in our specialty. We work as independent health care providers. We also work with other members of the health care team - physicians, nurses, specialists - to provide the highest quality care.

We provide lifelong care for women, including pregnancy and birth care, primary care, sick visits, gynecology care, birth control, cancer screening, menopausal care, and more. We strive to provide compassionate, holistic, affirming care that honors the diversity of life and families so that all individuals and families feel comfortable receiving care with our practice.

We are covered by most insurances, including TennCare and CoverKids. We offer self pay options as well. We offer Spanish speaking staff and providers and can access Vanderbilt interpreters for other languages.

Midwife means "with woman"...and we are!

JOIN US SEPTEMBER 16 - Call the Vanderbilt Midwives! Birthcare to Healthcare
by Vanderbilt School of Nursing
Nurse Midwives and Women's Primary Care

If you are wondering if a Nurse-Midwife is right for your pregnancy or primary care, this is the chance to meet the Vanderbilt Nurse-Midwives and Family Nurse Practitioners! Come learn about the outstanding and comprehensive services provided at our West End, Melrose, and Mt. Juliet locations. 

This free event at the Melrose office will feature natural and low-intervention childbirth information, doula resources, lactation information, primary care services offered at the clinics for women at any stage of life, stations and activities on prenatal yoga and classes, as well as opportunities to get to know the Vanderbilt Nurse-Midwives! (Yes, they all will be there!) While there, enjoy our children's play area, face painting, refreshments from Bartaco and enter to win a wide variety of door prizes!


with instructor Darlene Roberts, PhD
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Improving Outcomes in High-Risk Midwifery Patients -

Bridging the care gap when patients need specialists
featuring Vanderbilt Nurse-Midwife Julia Phillippi, Ph.D.

While many women seeking low-intervention pregnancy rely solely on services provided by certified nurse-midwifes (CNM), those with risk factors for poor maternal or fetal outcomes may benefit from higher-level services from obstetricians and maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) specialists. Read more...

Vanderbilt Midwives at Melrose

Vanderbilt Nurse-Midwives
& Primary Care for Women at Melrose

2410 8th Ave. S.
Nashville, TN 37204
FAX 615.383.0138

West End Women's Health Center

West End Women's Health Center

2611 West End Ave. Suite 380
Nashville, TN 37203
FAX 615.936.2600

Vanderbilt Primary Care Mt. Juliet

Vanderbilt Primary Care Mt. Juliet

2025 N. Mt. Juliet Rd. Suite 120
Mt. Juliet, TN 37122


All clinics are open M-F 8am - 5pm.
Appointments are offered between 7am and 6pm,
depending on the day of the week.
Please call for an appointment that works for you!

Phones are answered by our team M-F 8-4:30.

Providers are available for urgent needs 24/7. If you are an established patient with an urgent matter, please call the office number. The Vanderbilt operator will page the provider on call, who will call you back.